There's been a lot of discussion on the cost of doing the loop, and there's fancy calculators out there.

I just filled out the cost calculator on AGLCA and came up with a cost of only $25,000 in my 400 Mainship. Seems reasonable. I originally budgeted $30.

But, there's a ton of costs that we would spend anyway, if we didn't go, so no point in including them. And if one rents their house out, there's income to offset boat costs.


Seems like the higher costs include:

Fuel, probably the biggest single items:

Additional food costs (the price that you'll pay because you not getting you local discounts, and probably eating out more... which can be huge for hungry folks)

Marinas, unless one spends a lot of hook time, which I feel most folks do.


But cost that shouldn't count:
Boat purchase price
Home slip fees
Basic grocery and health costs
Basic boat annual and monthly maintenance


Seems like a bargain trip to me. Heck if one stayed home and joined the country club, joined a flying club, entertained a lot, and got a GF on the side, life would be much more expensive... so go boating, cheaper.

How do you figure your loop costs?