I reciently found the perfect boat, or so I thought. A Gulfstar Mkll priced right and looks great with everything I want. Ok, so talk to the broker, and yes it is what the add says, or so he claims. Add says ready to go head to the Bahamas. Well I don't want to go to the Bahamas but I do want to get it to Buzzards Bay in Massachusetts. So now make offer, it is accepted, and I am now under agreement with a survey scheduled. My plan, do visual, followed by survey and sea trial. If all is well, do paperwork and head up the ICW. I know long trip and I need to do a lot of planning. Probably three weeks and do in multiple stages with completiling sometime in late September. Yes I also know about hurricane season and am somewhat concerned but with proper planning and a constant eye to the weather I figured a houl out if necessary is possible. Or, do I truck it. Well upon telling the broker abut my plan to motor the ready to go trawler he informs me he would nodo it because of the boats age and who knows what could go wrong. Ok, I am a little bemifed byt the comment about a perfect redy to travel boat but with posible hurricanes trucking could be my best bet. Well yes it can be trucked and mountains can be moved but not very economically. Sooo, back to the idea of motoring. Just when I am about to start planning the trip a trucker calls and in the discussion with him he informs me that many people get part way and call for him to truck the rest of the way. Also, he claims there aren't many marinas on the ICW capable of haulig a 16000 lb 36 ft trawler in case of hurricane. I am stumped. Going to see the boat July 29th. This thing better be real good or all bets are off. Anyone have any suggestions. Would love to talk to someone who has done the ICW.