Hi... Taking delivery of a new NT40 in January and wondered if you all would share some of your experience as to some either "must have" or "cool stuff I've you'll want to have" on board with you now that you own a boat. You know how when you take your kids off to college and have to buy bed sheets, a reading lamp, school supplies, a laundry hamper and all that fun stuff from Target? Well, now that I (am about to) own my first "sizeable" boat, what do you suggest I also plan for?
Do I need... Some buckets? A good knife in order to cut lines? Binoculars? Someone told me vinegar is awesome to have in a spray bottle for cleaning just about anything, etc. etc. You get the point.
What should I put in my big Tupperware bin that you've found useful to have on board?
Thanks in advance for ideas/comments.