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Here are some great Cruise packing Tips:
1. Pack your carry-on bags wisely
2. Carry the required medicines you would need.
3. Know the dress code and pack accordingly. Some cruise have formal dinners which require formal gowns and tuxedos.
4. In some cruises, toiletries offered are limited. So carry your basic toiletries.
5. Batteries, camera memory cards, sunscreen, ear plugs, plastic bags.

Pack wise and Travel light !!
Pretty much covered everything. Yeah, travel light. The rooms are small, don't add too many bags in it. Plus don't bother packing beach towels, they will be provided for your use on board the cruise ship as well as when going ashore. Notify the cruise line of any special dietary restrictions when booking your cruise and follow up on the arrangements a couple months before the date. If you carry on your laptop computer, you may be asked to "boot it up" at security—both at the airport & at pier check-in. Bring your own travel alarm clock; most staterooms do not have them.
Such wonderful insights shared. It's common but we still forget about all these general things. Thanks for the reminder with these tips ..
Don't over pack is the only real thing you have to remember. Other than that, feel free to pack what is only necessary. :)
This is all great information that everyone knows but always seems to forget. Thanks for this!
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