Experienced liveaboards! Tell me about your favorite place to be for an extended stay?

In the next 2-4 years I will be transitioning to a full timer. I'm fairly set on staying somewhere between the Great Lakes and Florida, but the East Coast or even the Tropics are possibilities. West coast is pretty unlikely.

No boat yet, but it will very likely be a diesel trawler, 36-48'. I will need to work from the boat and have strong (cellular) internet service and regular access to shore power. I'm not the type that needs a lot of amenities, and cheaper is better.

Also important to me is the social environment. I'm single, and I know from experience that working from home (or boat) can get very lonely. I would love to be in a marina with an active social atmosphere, and withing walking distance of a cool pub or two.

So where is your favorite place to tie up and what's great about it?