Hi All,

OK, I have a power boat now. Now I am planning on taking a couple weeks and heading North. I need advice.

First, the boat is a NP43 and I find I like to cruise at 7 knots although I can push it comfortable to 10 kt if I don't mind spending the money. We are in Gig Harbor, near Tacoma. Looking to take 14-16 days.

My experience as an adult have been 1 week trips to the San Juans in a sailboat. We were a couple kts slower than we are now. I did bring my folks Catalina 36 home from Ladysmith back in 2006 but that was a quick trip.

Time: I could go at the end of June, or I could go end of July through August. What would be the best time? Weather is usually better later, but I imagine it would be much more crowded later in the season. Pros and cons?

Destination: My wife and I were going to take our sailboat last summer and try to make to Desolation Sound. Unfortunately, she broke her wrist at the end of June and the Doc said no sailing. We are still interested in getting there but I am wondering if that is a bit overly aggressive given the amount of time that I think I can spare (work is such an inconvenience). If the weather cooperated, I could pretty easily make it to Bedwell for customs in two days. They would be long days, but we have found that we have enjoyed long days cruising in this boat. So from there, what suggestions would you have for a newbie?