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Looking to install a monitoring / alarm system on Avalon this spring. I'd rather use a product that does not require an ongoing service contract but also don't want to completely custom build a system. Based on my research so far looks like I have two routes to pursue; go with a prepackaged system or build one based on a Home SmartHub (Iris - reviewed Kevin's posts, Samsung SmartThings, etc).

Background -
We cruise mainly in NE (until retirement), 6-7 weeks a summer on extended cruise, otherwise on the boat Friday to Monday most weeks. Really need some piece of mind around systems when away from the boat midweek as we're 60 miles away so a quick stop by the boat after work really isn't an option, most nights anyway.

1. Wireless (cellular would be sufficient)
2. Sensors: Water (bilge), VDC (battery), AC (shore power)
3. Ideally leverage existing WIFI network with cellular connectivity

Don't need entry / motion alarms or GPS tracking; which most prepackaged systems seem to be based on or position as most important.

Options I've found so far:
1. Yacht Protector - Packaged solution, don't need entry tracking or motion sensors, requires service agreement -

2. Marine Guardian - Packaged solution, don't need entry tracking or motion sensors, requires service agreement - Marine Guardian®: Wireless Security System for Boats / Marine Applications - Guardian Systems - Products

3. Smart Home Hubs - Based on my review of Kevin's posts on his Iris solution these are very attractive solutions. However, I have yet to find the exact sensors for battery and shore power monitoring. I understand they can be build from off the self components but I'd really prefer to have a complete off the self solution. The Samsung SmartThings hub looks like the best option but again does not offer all sensors needed -

4. Monnit - This company offers all the sensors needed and does not require an annual service agreement. However its a closed system and operates on 900mhz so not sure its as expandable as I'd like. Options available to leverage existing WIFI network - Low Cost Remote Monitoring Solutions | Monnit Corp.

Each option has its benefits which is making the decision more complex.

Yacht Protector & Marine Guardian - seems simple to install and operate, larger initial investment, requires contract and is closed system.

Smart Hubs - lower initial cost, requires some setup / programming, doesn't offer all off the self sensors needed, would work on existing WIFI network, likely most expandable - cameras etc.

Monnit - Most attractive closed system as does not require service agreement but likely is limited in expansion as works on 900mhz.

Anyone have thoughts on my options or solutions I may have overlooked?
Came across another option for bilge and battery monitoring, Nautic Alert. Also include gps and replaces the mechanical float switches on our bilge pumps. Very interesting solution although it's a bit more than I planned to spend.

Anyone have any experience with or opinions on Nautic Alert?

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