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Hi everyone!

I wanted some advice and feedback. I and my wife are mid-50. I just have one child and pets. we're tired of living in a big city. We had been thinking of moving out of our city and looking at tiny houses for a few months, but we both came up with idea that we are interested in living on a boat, but we are not sure that is possible because it is not realistic. So I want to hear any opinion from others and know your experience of liveaboard. So what do you think of our idea? Anyone in there 50's that are still working took the leap?

Hi John100A,
I am glad that you are interested in live on a boat. I did live in a boat during some summers. So I want to share my experience and my opinion of your idea.
At first, it's about cost of liveaboard. In my case, I usually pay about $2500 in a month. One of the biggest expenses is to park a boat at a marina. The second topic is what I think about your idea. I do not think that your idea is unrealistic but you need a plan for living on a boat. I recommend you try living on your boat in a month. Then, you can figure out costs and whether you like or not.

I found an article on one couple breaks down the costs of a year living on a boat. It shows cost of a month living on a boat.
The idea of becoming a live aboard is unrealistic. Unless you are already a boat owner and you already love the idea of spending more time on your boat. Boats are complex, expensive and maintenance intensive. The more livable they get the more complex, expensive, and maintenance intensive they get. Living on a boat won’t save you any money. Yes you can save money by camping on a small boat but you will save more money by camping out of a van.

Now if you already own a boat, and you really want to own a bigger boat and the only way you can justify owning that bigger boat is to live on it. Well now becoming a live aboard has just gotten more realistic. We still have not confronted the realities of living on a boat but at least we are past the realities of being a boat owner.

Now we have to address things like, how are you going to shower, how are you going to empty your holding tank, how are you going to do laundry, how are you going to keep your clothes from being wrinkled and damp, how are you going to stay warm or cool,( you can’t just plug in 3 space heaters to heat a boat, there aren’t enough amps on the dock) were are you going to store your stuff, how are you going to refrigerate food. Do you own a pet. Will the marina let you live aboard.

Can you deal with sleeping on something that’s moving around all night, boats constantly make strange noises, pumps, wind, waves, and rain are much louder in a boat.

Even people who love their boats have a hard time becoming a live aboard.

YES, I live on my boat. I have lived on it for 25 years. I have seen a lot of liveaboards come and go. A full third move off before the first winter is over, the second third are gone in 3 years. The remaining third seem to love living on a boat and only give it up when their health fails.
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