“Forwards” literally means to move onwards, and advance in a progressive forward direction. That’s exactly what we do……and at the same time, we continue to satisfy all of our customers' requirements.
We were founded in 1999 to manufacture books and packaging solutions. “Forwards” focus on providing solutions for integrated product manufacture and supply, creative design, a complete global operation and unrivalled service for all our customers.
“Forwards” has now grown to occupy three factories: Shenzhen Forwards Printing, Shenzhen Far East Packaging ,and Shenzhen Fushen Printing. In addition we have an office in HK (Hong Kong Forwards Printing Ltd.)
Each factory focuses on a different product range and different markets to ensure expert service in every area.
Our management team work ceaselessly to provide our customers in the UK USA, Russia , Asia and Europe with the very best products and the best service available.
“Forwards” always work on the principles of "Spread Knowledge, Inherit Civilization" as our core strategy.
We focus on customers' value orientation through continuous innovation and scientific management. Not only do we provide superb quality products, but also actively work to fulfill our social responsibilities.
“Forwards” will constantly pay attention to your needs and continue to service our customers with innovative spirit, aiming to supply the best printing solutions anywhere in China and quite possibly the world.Retail Boxes manufacturers