When dealing with moldy feed or grains, it is still vital to use a mold inhibitor, Mold inhibitors are used to kill mold and mold spores.
Mold growth depletes the nutrient density and affects feed palatability; mycotoxins cause serious health problems that include growth retardation, decreased resistance to infections, impaired immunity, and decreased egg and milk production.
Organic acid Propionic Acid is known in the feed industry as an effective and affordable tool to control mold growth.
Propionic Acid Type Ⅲ – Mold Inhibitors for Poultry, Ruminants, Swine, Grains Powder mould inhibitor for the treatment of animal feeds and raw materials.
Propionic Acid Type Ⅲ Grain Mold Inhibitor is a broad-spectrum mold inhibitor organic acid feed additive in animal feed, formulated to inhibit mould growth in processed feed ingredients, complete feed, premix, etc.
Product Description
Propionic Acid Type Ⅲ- Mold Inhibitor additive, available in powder form can be used for poultry, Grains and animal feed..
Dosage formPropionic Acid Type Ⅲ Grain Mold Inhibitor
Physicochemical PropertiesWhite or light yellow powder
Main Ingredients Propionic Acid ≥ 33%
Key Features & Benefits1. Inhibit mold growth and Kill the mold spore at early-stage;
2. Prevents mycotoxin production
3. Good palatability;
4. Excellent liquidity; no irritation.
Recommended Dosage in Complete Formula FeedFeed Moisture(%)Air Relative HumidityRecommendedDosage(G/MT)
StorageStore Propionic Acid Type Ⅲ Grain Mold Inhibitor in animal feed in a well ventilated and dry place away from sunlight.
Packaging Inner packing: food grade polythene plastic bag, External packaging: plastic bag; Standard packaging: 20kg/bag
Shelf Life Store Propionic Acid Type Ⅲ Grain Mold Inhibitor for 12 months under sealed and required storage conditions.
NoticePropionic Acid Type Ⅲ should be used under the guidance of Mintai company.
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