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Fouled running gear

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I thought I would start a thread on the topic of lines, nets, etc wrapped around props and shafts.
There have been cases in my boating career having this happen to me and seeing firsthand others with this issue.

Seems to me there are three categories of managment of this:

class 1: Cruisers who may or not worry about this, but have the mindset of not ever considering going down and fixing anything fouled. Not making judgements here, there can be very valid reasons for staying safely aboard a boat, even if its dead in the water. Basically, "i'm reaching for a phone or mic to fix this".

class 2: "Sure, i'll tackle this issue". There is some snorkling gear aboard and I have a sharp knife. I'm usually in warm water, and see no reason against at least trying to stay independant.

class 3: These folks are headed for the far reaches, may include cold water, single engine operation. They want to stay independant at almost any cost or prep level. This one is a tougher nut to crack. We are talking jumping into the ocean, let's say up to 1 meter seas, at 33 to 55 degrees water temperatue, with enough wherewithall to accomplish removal of a tight wrap of 1.5" poly line at the prop, strut, shaft area.

I'm curious at both the level of prep for such events, and especially interested to hear of stories with a happy ending for class 2 and 3. I have lots of suggestions for class 3, but let see how this develops.
Hooka, wetsuit, probably a hacksaw instead of the knife.probably wear my bIke helmet too.

No sweat in 55 degree water...not sure how long my hands would last in 33.....but I doubt I would boat in much less than 50 degree water if I was far from help.

A man's gotta know his limitations (heard that someplace awhile back )

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