Product description:
Dehydrated garlic slices are neat in shape, yellow in color and pure in taste. They can be consumed or used as raw materials and auxiliary materials. Just soaked in warm water can be restored, fresh all seasons. Garlic contains a kind of "sulphuric acid", which has a good killing effect on pathogens and parasites. It can prevent colds, reduce fever, cough, sore throat and nasal congestion. There are similar antioxidant and anti-aging properties of Vitamin E and Vitamin C.
Production process:
Garlic - split flap - suede - sorting - cleaning - slice - rinse - throw off water - drying - filter - winnowing - to stone - color selection - - Manual Sorting - Packaging.
Mainly used for food seasoning.
How to use:
When cooking, put it directly into the dish or put it after foaming, or put it into a powder.
1. When selecting materials, use white and garlic white varieties with large, clean, white and choose heads that are plump, pest-free, and mold-free.
During the pretreatment, remove the mud and debris attached to the garlic, subtract the root, remove, peel, and remove with lesions, insect eyes, and dried-up color.
2. When cleaning, pour the peeled one into water, wash away impurities, and wash away the its film. To proceed with the next step as soon as possible, do not stack for too long to prevent discoloration of garlic cloves.When slicing, they are cut into slices of 1.5-2.0 mm using a slicing machine or a knife. Rinse while rinsing and wash away the glue from the cloves when sliced. Slicing should be uniform, otherwise baking, baking uneven, affect quality.
3. When rinsing, th are then introduced into the bamboo basket and rinsed thoroughly in flowing clean water to remove the glue and debris to facilitate baking. Insufficient rinsing can cause tan.
4. When throwing water, remove the rinsed garlic flakes and spin dry. It is also possible to filter out moisture to facilitate drying.
5. During drying, it is placed in a metal sieve or a stainless steel plate, and then placed in a drying room or an oven, and baked at a temperature of 60° C. to 80° C. for 6 hours to 7 hours, so that the moisture content of the pieces is 5-6% or so.
6. When packaged, it can be packaged after being allowed to cool at room temperature. It is usually packaged in corrugated boxes. The box is lined with moisture-proof aluminum foil bags and plastic bags, sealed and put into storage. The warehouse should be dry, ventilated, odorless, and free of pests. The temperature in the warehouse should be about 10°C.
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