Mud pump Bonded Urethane Piston - piston rubber directly vulcanized on the steel core, without pressure plate and spring, widely applicable to what kind of mud pump conditions, especially for high-pressure jet drilling and ceramic liner.
The assembled piston-piston core is forged by 40Cr and heat-treated. The rubber is made of polyurethane, butadiene cyanide rubber or hydrogenated butadiene cyanide rubber.
In addition, we can also produce double cylinder pump piston.
The piston and liner system of a mud pump fluid end consist of the piston, liner, liner seal, wear plate, wear plate seal, liner retainer, the piston rods and rod clamps. Of these items, the piston will experience the most wear and will typically be replaced the most. Routine piston maintenance presents an excellent opportunity to inspect other components in the system. For example, because of high levels of vibration during operation, rod clamps can loosen, which causes excess wear to the clamp and the rod. Additionally, a worn rod clamp can cause damage to the rod that would affect its alignment with respect to the centerline of the liner bore. Any misalignment of this type would cause accelerated wear of the piston and liner. In respect to addressing loose rod clamps, it is important to note that over torquing rod clamp bolts can have adverse effects as well. The recommended tightening torque for a rod clamp bolt is significantly less than the same size bolt used in a flanged connection application. A small gap should be between the two halves of a typical rod clamp when it is properly tightened.Mud Pump Piston Assembly
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