New Balance is a brand that’s got a deeper connection to Boston than most, so it only makes sense that they would come with some special edition footwear once again for the Boston Marathon. Men's/Women/s New Balancem This year’s release channels a positive message and just might feature the first ever hashtag on a pair of sneakers that we’ve seen with that #LoveBoston on the back end. Other special details include a Massachusetts hit towards the heel with a little heart standing in for Boston and another callout to the city on the insole.


A cutting edge performance model that’s managed to cross over into the sneakerhead set thanks to a few notable colorways, the New Balance 840 Sneakers is back with another eye-catching multicolored look. This time, it’s set on a black field, with greens, blues and reds working together from all angles to create a sense of movement even while standing still. ABZORB cushioning continues to provide a smooth ride while the Rev Lite uppers confer lightweight breathability, and this pair slated for a January release is available

Every major sneaker brand out there is going to capitalize on the Olympic Games in London this summer, but only one of them actually manufactures sneakers in the United Kingdom. New Balance 840 Cheap And with New Balance‘s Flimby, England factory also celebrating its 30th anniversary, NB might turn out to be the brand that most rivals Nike’s likely untouchable variety.

With the exception of its collaborations with No Vacancy Inn, as well as its participation in Kawhi Leonard’s Inspire The Dream collection, New Balance 840 For Sale resurrection has mostly honed in on retro-themed colorways. Just by simply clicking onto its product page on the New Balance web store, one would notice the series of colored iterations that all draw close connections to vintage sportswear windbreakers and varsity jackets that you’d find in a local thrift store today.

And this retro movement continues onto its next makeover, as slapped onto its neutral-toned base constructions, arrives a range of colorful vibrance that will surely turn some heads. Purchase New Balance 840 “Tahitian Pink” shines through most effectively through its bigger sized underlays, with doses of purple and electrified hits of blue stripes and treading following closely behind to almost speak to retro Nike ACG vibe palette.