There are no mounts in New World, which annoys many players. The developer's explanation is that they hope this can differentiate New World from traditional MMORPGs, and the game has provided players with a portal between settlements, so mounts are not a necessary item. But players really want to get their own mounts, because this is an important part of character customization, allowing players to show their personality, even if it will cost a lot of New World Coins.
Although many players have quit New World, there are still many people who insist on playing the game. They believe that when the mount system is opened to players, New World MMO will become better. If you also want to buy mounts in the game but have not accumulated too much New World Coins Buy, I suggest you go to Newworldcoins to buy some. Newworldcoins is a professional third-party game service currency seller. In order to prevent any accidents in the player's account, use the safest way to conduct transactions. You can trust them.