Perhaps because Dungeoneering Shields are OSRS GP becoming more popular. Divine and Elysian Spirit Shields are becoming more mass produced, to the point of where a lot of the RS populace (200K+) possess either one of them. or both. All Day cough.

Yes, more GP = more demand. But, this PKing method does not generate the GP. Instead, the objects cannot be destroyed, and are rather sold, returning to the economy. More supply = lower price. Yeap, well said. The only way Bots can stop them is to changing the game and recoding it. Eg. the new trees south of Fally do not seem to have bots.

Let me know what you guys think of this...I'm 101 combat right now and have a good amount of money (100mil valued at around), and I'm really considering maxing it out since I've never had an account with a high-level of security before.

My account has been in use as my primary account until about 75, when I decided to change my role to Ranger. However, I no longer play on it as PKing has become boring and rarely turns the profit. If I decide to go the main route, I can...

Use better gear and rs2007 gold combat styles for Slayer bosses, bosses and the like (I have more than enough for bandos and a fury which is the standard godwars item) Get 95 Prayer for SSS and turmoil which can make a difference in the game. Also, I'll have 60 Summoning, 99 ranged with 96 Magic. I'm aware that increasing Attack + Strength and completing a lot of quests is going to take a longer time, but I'm not really having much to look forward to right now, besides more Pking. Also I tried bossing as a tank, Armadyl isn't entertaining and at Bandos on my own, I fell and could not take any damage. Do I want to go for it?