After 30 odd years, people are still bragging about that shoe and collect the shoe. A couple of weeks ago an old friend of mine, Anthony Anderson, the comedian, texted Madden nfl 22 coins me saying, 'Hey Bo! I'm putting on a show about every pair of sneakers. I'm not able to find any Air-Trainers from you. I'm in need of your shoes!' It just so happened I had a pair inside my workplace. I said, "Hey, well, I got one here. I can just send them to you.' It's moments like that when I'm able to sit in my seat and think, "Wow.'

In this NFL season, New York Giants running back cheap Madden 22 coins Nike athlete Saquon Barkley was gifted his own rendition of Air Trainer 3. How did it feel to see him pay homage to you by wearing the sneaker?