There's an excellent reason that a lot members still make RS gold use of a rune platebodyIt's got good defense bonuses and relatively cheap cost. What's the next step in terms of non-degradeable plates? I guess it would be a Bandos Plate, but that's far out of my price range.

Are there any other platebodies between the two which give greater bonuses than running? Which non-degradable body do you employ for your normal training? How much do they cost and do you feel it's worthwhile?

Rune is among the best nonmem armour that is not deg. It is followed by Granite Body, legs, helm and sheild. Which is mem, and need to have 50 str. to weild. It's among the heavy armors out there perhaps even the largest. It drains the run in a crazed manner. It also looks lame, the buy Runescape gold whole set costs less than 500k and is mainly used by bots, or so I've been told.